There are many types of floods that cause damage in the UK,  in both urban centres and the countryside. The problems of unwanted water flow from heavy rainfall, a failing drainage system or perhaps just a burst pipe are many, but the causes are useful for differentiating types of flood damage and the issues of why a flood occurs.

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The main types of flood damage and flooding in the UK include the following:

  • River floods: River floods, also known as fluvial floods, are a common issue the UK faces. Flood water from rivers is difficult to manage in built-up areas, which can cause significant damage if it goes unchecked. Providing areas for drainage and overflow can manage river floods, as will barrier flood defences. 
  • Heavy rainfall floods Also called pluvial floods, heavy rainfall can suggest a flood will occur, especially in particularly low lying areas. Flash floods might also happen if there is a very large amount of rainfall in a short period. In some cases, a suitable response is difficult to gauge until it is too late.
  • Coastal floods: In coastal areas, high tides or storm surges can cause extensive economic damage to businesses on the shoreline and many homes in the area. Coastal flooding can also be more severe as the coast also has to contend with the ongoing effects of natural erosion.
  • Groundwater flooding: Changes in the water levels of the soil, the water table, will make the water rise from the earth and flood water will sit on the ground. Groundwater flooding can damage electrical infrastructure in rural areas, which makes the need to restore services urgent for unaffected communities too.
  • Blocked drainage: By removing obstacles and properly maintaining drainage systems, one can avoid flooding and reduce the chances of a blocked drain ever occurring. Blocked drain floods can be problematic in urban areas where there is a higher population and a big strain on the drainage infrastructure.
  • Burst pipes: A burst pipe can easily cause flooding in the affected area, and if the pipe is outside groundwater flooding may occur as well. Malfunctioning appliances and damage to anything that is in place within the pipe system can cause a flood, which requires turning off the mains and replacing any broken parts.

No matter what type of flood damage you might experience, there are drying and repair techniques that can restore a property to a safe and livable environment. Flood repair services can help affected areas with restorations and prevention methods, which can lower the chances of floods – but also reduce their impact.

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flood damaged streets

How to Fix Flood Damage

There is potentially a very sad atmosphere when you have to fix flood damage, as it can often ruin entire carpets, walls and even personal possessions. While the objects in a room can be replaced, the infrastructure of the property will require extensive work to make it safe and habitable once again. 

Typically, no matter what type of flood damage you face, the following techniques will be used to deliver effective restoration and repair:

  • Drying out the property
  • Dehumidifying interiors
  • Securing windows and doors
  • Isolating leaks
  • Making electricity safe
  • Removing damaged ceilings
  • Repairing damaged structural features, such as stairs, masonry and brickwork
  • Preparing quotes for insurance claims
  • Painting and decorating, including plastering, carpeting and tiling

After fixing flood damage, you will need to ask yourself whether you want to invest in flood defences. Although they incur a cost, even simple defences such as water barriers and diversionary equipment (or just simple sandbags) can provide an affordable way to reduce, and in many cases prevent, the damage caused by floods.

All You Need to Know About Different Types of Flood Damage 

Damage from floods introduces a lot of harmful elements that can make many indoor and outdoor environments dangerous. Electrical and gas dangers, damage to the natural landscape and the general ruinous aspects of a flood make it one of the most catastrophic types of events for both people and property. 

The damage that occurs is mostly the same in each type of flood, with coastal, rainfall, river, and groundwater floods being among the most common causes in the UK. Preventable types of floods include those caused by blocked drainage systems and burst pipes.

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