When you need property maintenance it can be difficult to know what price is appropriate. Understanding what is fair and reasonable for the service charges of your property managers is key to whether they are effective for you, or simply an unnecessary tax on maintaining your property. As leaders in the property maintenance trade, we are the perfect source for a reliable price list to use as a guide.

You need property maintenance services to be of a high-quality, particularly when you are using them for a rental property – where safety hazards from bad maintenance can have severe consequences in terms of insurance and the law. When using repairs and maintenance services it is important to remember that price lists can vary, and you can expect to pay different prices for certain situations – such as on weekends.

We understand that you are looking for effective property maintenance in your real estate and require a justifiable result from your management services, so you can use this as a guide – no matter where you are maintaining a property. If you are a UK landlord in London or need to manage commercial properties you can make use of our services, please feel free to get in touch to learn more.

What Are the Costs of Property Maintenance Services?

As a reliable and trustworthy provider of property maintenance services in London we believe in transparent rates and fair pricing. You can use this information as a rough guide for quality property maintenance services, but other providers may charge more and provide lower levels of service.

There are a few rules of thumb when selecting a property maintenance service, which can help you gauge whether prices are reasonable and if you will get a good level of quality.

Look for the following pricing features:

    • Flat hourly rates.
    • Not charging for travelling time, congestion parking or the call-out itself.
    • 1-hour minimum call out time.
    • Prices inclusive of VAT.

If services have a longer minimum call out, charge for the call out or have fluctuating rates then you are likely to end up paying too much. Now that you have the basics covered, you can judge whether a property maintenance company charges a reasonable price for specific types of work.

The following is a price list to use as a guide for top-class services with reasonable costs, at an hourly rate and not including the cost of materials or materials supply:

  • Emergency glazing – £90-£140.
  • Gas, heating, plumbing and electrical maintenance – £80-£120.
  • Painting and decorating or carpentry – £70-£110.
  • Roofing – £90-£140.
  • Drain work – £120-£180.
  • Handyman services and gardening – £70-£110.
  • Boiler servicing and gas safety certification – £90-£140.
  • White goods disposal and building materials removal – £70-£140.

This is a price list is a guide for proper charges at daily rates, with repairs potentially costing more depending on the materials being used. As a rough indicator of the cost of property maintenance services that balance cost-effectiveness and quality – it is accurate.

What Are Some Signs I am Paying Too Much for Property Maintenance

We operate in London, which has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. As a result, some firms overcharge and maintain the premium real estate with premium prices.

There are few signs that you are paying to much, which are good rules of thumb that suggest you are receiving a substandard service:

  • Unclear pricing: You should be able to see prices before work occurs, or at least have the promise of an estimate. If they are not transparent with pricing or have wide-ranging estimates you may get a lower quality service.
  • Re-repairs: If repair work does not last or a tenant requires continuous repairs of the same area, this is a sure sign that services are not providing quality – in which case you may be paying too much for the work.

Some property maintenance services focus on management, with less attention on maintenance and the very tangible benefits it brings. If a service does not have the right balance between maintenance and management you may be paying too much.

Property Maintenance Prices Explained

Now you know the prices you should reasonably expect to pay for the main aspects of property maintenance, so you can determine whether you are paying the appropriate amount. Always be vigilant and look for flexible payment options.

Finding the right price for property maintenance can be challenging, but this guide demonstrates what a quality service like ours will charge. If you require property maintenance in London you can use these services, so feel free to contact us.