When we received a call from an existing client to say there was water coming through their ceilings and could we help, Property Rescue Services reacted swiftly to assist. In the first instance the source of the leak was isolated, visible standing water removed and any furniture likely to get damaged was relocated.

Prior to any repair works commencing the affected areas were thoroughly dried out with the use of dehumidifiers and fans. We then prepared a quotation and liaised with the loss adjuster from the client’s insurance company to agree the extent of the work and the cost.  The leak repairs were to 3no. different rooms and consisted of repairing ceilings, making good of cornice, replacing blown plaster, testing electrical circuits, sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors, easing doors and re-decorating. The finished result meant you wouldn’t be able to tell there had been serious leak damage to this high end apartment.

Should you need leak damage repairs Property Rescue Services would be more than happy to assist.