Tips on How to Clean Outside of Gutters Without a Ladder

Sometimes gutters will work properly but have a horrible look, which is very frustrating and makes your space less livable. It might not be possible to clean the inside of a gutter without a ladder, but there are a few simple ways to effectively target the outside of gutters.

It does not have to be a lot of dirt, small bits of grime can detract from the appearance of guttering. Whether it is bright white UPVC or clean reflective aluminium, the signs of weather and age will soon be visible on new guttering. However, by trying some of our handy techniques you can easily clean rain gutters from the ground. We have tips for both UPVC and aluminium gutters.

The appearance of gutters is a key sign of good property maintenance and can add value to a property for both landlords and tenants. As experts in property maintenance for commercial and residential clients, we are the ideal source for many helpful maintenance tips and tricks. If you need a professional solution for your gutters please feel free to get in touch.

How to Clean Outside of Gutters: 3 Easy and Practical Tips

Cleaning aluminium and UPVC gutter systems can be quite simple, and it is less intensive than doing a full deep clean of all the leaves and debris in the gutters themselves. Just cleaning the outside also means there is no need to remove gutter guards, so it is a very easy thing to do.

Simple cleaning solutions for the outside of gutters include the following:

  • Use a pressure washer: A pressure washer generates high pressure while using a minimal amount of water, so it is an ideal solution to clean outside of gutters. Many sprayer attachments have a long pole so they are an excellent gutter cleaner for the outside. You will get the best possible results from a pressure washer, but make sure to close all windows.
  • Use a garden hose: You can still get a high pressure when using an ordinary garden hose, particularly when you buy long nozzles or sprayer attachments that narrow the water stream to a very precise point. To help make up for the lower pressure, you can use a spray bottle with some soapy water to soften up the existing grime on the outside of the gutters.
  • Use a homemade cleaning solution: If there is no hose available you can still make your own cleaning solution to put in a spray bottle and coat the outside of the gutters. You can then empty the bottle, fill it with water and use it to spray and rinse the remaining solution off the gutters. For better results, you can try a mop or even a wet broom for extra scrubbing power.

What is the Best Way to Clean the Outside of Gutters?

Cleaning the outside of gutters will give you a fresh look, almost like you have just completed a brand new home improvement. As a result, you understandably want to choose the best method.

Using pressure washers or power washers is the easiest and best way to clean gutters while standing on the ground. You can rent pressure washers if you do not own one, but gutter systems will also respond well to an ordinary garden hose or homemade spray – so these are good first steps.

Safety Tips

Of course, the above tips come with a need for caution. You will not want to cause any damage to the guttering or risk an injury to yourself. Some safety tips to think about include the following:

  • Do not reach too high: If you have to reach too high over head height it is likely that a power washer or hose attachment will not work. There is no point in overextending yourself, and in this case you may be unable to clean the gutter from the ground and require a different solution.
  • Wear proper clothing: Suitable shoes are the main thing to focus on as you will need a good sense of balance. You will also be moving along the length of the gutter without looking at your feet. As a result, it is essential to use shoes with a good grip – rubber soles will work well in most cases.

These are some convenient options for cleaning your gutters. However, if you cannot do it or you have a very high gutter system then professional solutions may be necessary. Professional solutions include using specialist telescopic wands and other purpose-built gutter cleaners.

How to Clean the Outside of Gutters Without a Ladder

The outside of gutters are easy to clean from the ground with hoses and pressure washers, but in some cases they may be too high. You should remember that cleaning the outside of the gutters will not affect the way they drain water. Cleaning the gutters on the inside will help with water flow if you are having issues, but the outside is just for aesthetics.

You can use the tips we describe above, such as using a power washer, garden hose or homemade cleaning solution, or take a professional approach. If you need to clean the outside of your gutters reliably or require additional property maintenance services please feel free to get in touch for more information.