What is the Best Way to Clean Gutters? How to Clean Gutters Up High and Around Soffits and Fascias

Cleaning guttering is one of the most crucial ways to improve drainage and make sure your downspouts will keep working effectively, as well as improving their appearance. Leaves and other debris in gutters can result in rainwater flowing over the edge and clogged gutters render the downpipes useless, so it is understandable to want to find the most effective solution. Overflowing water can also cause significant damage to a building, so regular cleaning is essential.

Thankfully we have many tips on the best way to clean gutters that we can share with you. These range from using simple manual cleaning techniques and other gutter cleaning tools to investing in more complex telescopic poles for guttering systems that are up high. We also provide some ideas for preventative measures.

As leaders in providing first-class property maintenance services, we are the perfect source for recommending the best way to clean gutters and many other areas of a property.

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5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Gutters

The first point is that you must find safe access to your guttering system. If you have gutters up high you may need professional assistance, but there are plenty of options for cleaning gutters without ladders too.

While guttering systems can vary substantially the following are some easy tips that can help you find the best way to clean the gutters in your property:

1. In Dry Weather Try Leaf Blowers

You can try using leaf blowers to clean out rain gutters, as they often have a function for pushing out air in short bursts. Make sure you use a ladder with full support and gently progress along the length of the guttering, blowing out any leaves as you move the ladder along. This is not worth trying in wet conditions.

A leaf blower can be a handy tool with a variety of maintenance uses and can help clean gutters quite well when it is dry. Some also have features to suck leaves into a bag so you can clean up the dispersed leaves once the guttering is clear.

2. In Wet Weather Try Manual Gutter Scooping

There is no point trying to blow sludge and other wet debris out of your gutters, so it is important to try a manual option in this case. Wearing gloves and a long-sleeve shirt will protect you from any dirt, and you can simply scoop out the most significant clumps along the length of the gutter manually.

It might surprise you how much sludge can impede water flow, it only takes a small buildup in the flat areas. Simply scooping clumps of dirt and mud from a gutter can seriously improve water flow and is an affordable, low-tech solution.

3. Try a Garden Hose for Inside and Outside Downspouts

You can clear small blockages in your downspouts by using a garden hose. If you have a range of hose attachments you might be able to achieve very high pressures, which can help push little blockages at the bottom or top of downspouts loose as well as helping to clean in or outside of the guttering itself.

Most people have access to a garden hose and after clearing the leaves and mud it is a good next step. By following our first or second suggestions you might find a little scrubbing followed by a rinse can provide you with a nice clean finish.

4. Get an Extension Pole for Up High Gutters

Investing in a telescoping pole is useful if you have gutters that are up high, such as in flats. Extension poles will fit onto your hose and have a kind of hook design, so you can spray directly into gutters from below. Many come with scraper attachments to scoop out gutters too, which can clear blockages without ladders.

Extendable telescopic poles can help with cleaning soffits and fascias too, or any other outside part of your house that is high up. Most models are available at reasonable prices, similar to other hose accessories, and fold away for storage.

5. Try Power Washers

Power washers are useful tools for many jobs and can make metal and white UPVC guttering look almost new in many cases. Power washers are more of an investment, but if you have sufficient access you can blast clean gutters and soffits or fascias – as well as any insect nests or cobwebs in the surrounding area.

Using power washers is possibly the best way to clean gutters with the least possible effort, particularly if you are not clearing many large blockages and are simply trying to clean the guttering for the sake of appearance.

What are the Best Ways to Prevent Gutter and Downspout Blockages?

It is important to remember that prevention methods are the best way to keep gutters clean and flowing properly for the longest possible time.

For a preventative solution, you can try a gutter guard; these are simple and inexpensive nets that sit along the length of the gutter and stop any large objects from landing there. Gutter guards make sure that anything that will land there is small enough to be easily drained away.

Another preventative measure targets the downspout, which is much more difficult to clean and susceptible to blockage and therefore key to preventing buildup. You can install simple gutter traps and debris filters to make sure you keep the downspouts flowing properly into the drain, available in hardware stores.

Using safeguards to make sure a gutter problem stays manageable is a clever way to save unnecessary costs and labour on your property.

How to Get a Professional Solution

Sometimes when gutters are up high or have severe issues a professional choice is the best way to clean gutters effectively.

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Using advanced tools including industrial-grade telescopic poles, power washers and extension ladders we can reliably clean out gutters and downpipes. Our expert gutter cleaners will help you with the following situations:

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  • Gutter repairs in emergencies.
  • New gutter finishing.
  • New or replacement guttering systems.
  • Non-emergency broken gutter repairs.
  • Partial or replacement of guttering sections.
  • Regular gutter maintenance services.

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